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Tiff & Tesh's Housewarming and Halloween Party
Saturday October 31st 2009

Tiff and Tesh

 ** Click Here For The Photo Album **

The Marriage of Tiffany and Pritesh - 16th August 2008
The Manor Hotel, The Village Green, Datchet, Nr Windsor, Berkshire

A Photo Selection

Bride & Groom by River Thames

The Bride and Groom by the River Thames

The Registry Office Wedding
The Wedding Ceremony with the Registrar


The Hindu Wedding Ceremony
The Hindu Wedding Ceremony 


The Wedding Guests
The Wedding Guests 


The Bride
The Bride

Photos by Mark McQuade -


2005 - Our New Boat - "Deux Poissons" 

After a long search for "something larger" than "Diana III"  we found an elegant 34ft  steel-hulled motor yacht with a very attractive mahogany superstructure and interior, built in 1959 by the famous Royal Van Lent shipyard in Holland. Moira and I went to view her one day in May and fell in love with her. We took delivery of "Deux Poissons" (Two Fishes) on June 17th 2005, my birthday - the best birthday present I've ever had! Click here  for a selection of photos. 

2005 - New Member of the Family:
Oona Gives Birth to Sam

On Wednesday January the 19th 2005 at  5.30am my daughter Oona gave birth to a 7 pound 9 ounce baby boy - her second. Both Oona and the baby (Sam) are doing famously. 

Today (Saturday) I shot some indoor photos in fairly low light (I won't use flash on a baby) and here are the results in a small album for you all to see. Click here

2003 - Tiffany's Graduation

We attended my younger daughter Tiffany's Graduation, or rather "Ceremony For The Conferment Of Awards", at Bristol Cathedral on Thursday November 6th 2003. This was a very proud moment for Moira and myself, and most especially for Tiffany. 

She was awarded a well-earned  LLB (honours) in European Languages and Law by the University of the West of England. I took some photos during the ceremony (by available light, which was very little, hence the poor quality) and afterwards. Click here to view them.


2003 - Oona's and Gary's Wedding

My eldest daughter Oona and her partner Gary Vatcher were married at Leatherhead Registry Office on the 30th of August 2003. This was followed by a truly excellent Reception at Lingfield Fire Station - an unusual venue, but thanks to the marvellous hospitality of the firemen (especially Sean) we all had a brilliant time (and Tiffany got to ride in the fire engine!)

I was the wedding photographer, and if you click here you can see a selection of the photos.

I wish Oona and Gary every happiness for the future. They are a marvellous couple.


2002 - Our Trip to the Lake District in Cumbria, 

April of 2002 we went up to Cumbria to visit Agnes, Moira's mother, and stay in her charming Cumbrian cottage in the tiny village of Baggrow. The Cumbrian Lake District is a place of enchanting natural beauty, carefully enhanced by man over the centuries. Click here for a small selection of the many photos we took.

Thames Cruise 

In July  my wife Moira our younger son Leon and I boarded our 27ft fibreglass diesel cruiser "DIANA III" and set off from our mooring at Staines up the river Thames, stopping off as we have done for the past fifteen years at the Thames Traditional Boat Rally, at Henley on Thames. This is a marvellous event - too good to miss if you have never been. See the web site at

Normally after the Rally, we cruise on up the Thames to Oxford, then turn around and come back. This time however we carried right on to the end of the "navigable" Thames, at Lechlade, and then carried on a further six miles towards the actual source of the river, on board a friend's narrowboat. We went with our old friends, the owners and crews of "Nomads" and "Straight Across".

Click here to view the large album of photos cataloguing our voyage up the river Thames and back down again, whilst sampling the various joys of the English weather!

For anyone wondering what happened to our lovely vintage cruiser, "Maraime", we sold her a while ago, as the restoration work was getting too much for me to handle, and I bought "Diana III" to get a break!!  No doubt we shall purchase another vintage craft when we find one we like.

Email me at  if you like.

Best wishes,
Mike Phillips